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Interiors & Decors

Huntwill Interiors & decors is a branch of Huntwill Design which is focused on Interior Designing. We have all the tools to give a fresh and modern look to your business place. Modern wallpapers, Decorative, modern flooring and a great team which is well experience talented and creative will not only give a modern look but a theme to your business that will help in the development of the brand. We are well equipped with advanced tools to give your business place or home a look that you desire.

Home Interiors

Home should reflect your personality and home interior designing becomes an integral part of the house which makes it a beautiful home.

Corporate Interiors

Corporate interior Design refers to the Designing of office work room, boardroom and other spaces inside corporation. Corporate interior design should always reflect a corporation’s unique style.

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen will add a great elegance to your home. Modular kitchen setup maximizes the storage space capacity and organizations in the kitchen which eventually comforts the people of house.

Dance & Music Studio Designs

Sound proofing, Modern styling, bright lightning, mirror fittings, wooden flooring and a secure source of music is what convert a random space into a studio. We create customized studios to enhance the look and feel of the place.

Gym Design

We have a qualified team of professionals who help provide a one stop solution to our customers; from conceptualization, execution and maintenance of their fitness and wellness space.

Our Client list includes top hotels, Corporate Houses, Real Estate developers, Government , HNIs, and International Fitness Club Chains.

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A false ceiling is also known as dropped ceiling which suspends from the main ceiling with the uses of wooden frame or metal frame. It helps in improving the design or particular space and makes the ceiling look more attractive.


Interior decorative refers to the decorating and furnishings of interior space in homes, offices, schools and public space. It deals with all aspects of lightning, color, texture, paint, furniture purchase treatment and accessories.


Flooring is a general term that is used to cover the floor generally, it is a finish material applied over the floor structure at your home or office space.


Home wallpaper is the best way to go about the home renovation. Wall covering in a wide range of Colors, texture, patterns and style. The unique designs are ideal for changing the look or appearance of a specific room or space.

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